Perfect for Valentine's Day, this unique grey bear with the blue nose, stitches and soulful eyes is a symbol of love and friendship around the world.

Tatty Teddy's heartwarming story of lost of found love began long ago when an old tiny house was about to be torn down and everything inside was thrown and piled in the front garden...including the sweetest brown teddy. Trapped and unable to move, the winter snows soon fell and the little brown bear became so cold that his fir turned to grey and his nose to blue. There he lay until spring when a little girl spotted him - alone, unloved and very sad. She pulled him out and took him home to her grandmother who replaced his stuffing and patched his holes. Hugging him to her, the girl thought he was perfect and loved him more than anything else in the world, her little grey, blue nosed Tatty Teddy.