Mr Russ Berrie stated the following in a 2003 interview.

"Although today's generation has its own memories and experiences – the teddy bear is and will always remain a favourite source of comfort and security, an enduring symbol of human affection, an expression of our need to connect. How rewarding it is for me to know that what I do each and every day brings so much comfort and happiness to the young and young at heart".

In 1995 Mr Russ Berrie created the first Limited Edition Signature Collection Bear. This bear was a personal design from Mr Russ Berrie and was limited to 5000 worldwide. The response was amazing and from that year on Russ has released a limited edition signature bear annually. These bears are very collectible the world over and a complete collection is highly sought after.

All these bears are boxed and come with a certificate of authenticity as well as featuring Russ Berrie’s signature on the foot.