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Royal Guardsman 10 inchs

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This iconic British character teddybear is  dressed in a beautifully made , authentic Guardsman outfit . Based on the uniform worn by real Buckingham Palace guards, complete with a Bearskin hat, the clothing is removable, allowing the bear to be fully enjoyed in all his finery or simply as stunning classic Merrythought soft toy .

Each wonderful patriotic bear has been crafted in England from the finest golden mohair and pure wool felt. Classically designed and fully articulated, each features a friendly hand embroidered smile to finish .

Each Merrythought soft toy in the traditional Collection is presented with a drawstring bag , to help keep your new companion clean and dust free 

Light surface clean only 

Merrythought Teddy Bears are proud to release this wonderful teddybear .

PRE ORDERS NOW TAKEN    Bears arriving on the 24 th July

Size 10inchs

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