A Teddy Bears Direct teddy is guaranteed to give you years of love and joy. Our bears are made using high quality materials and workmanship, however as with all bears especially those that are very well loved some maintenance may occasionally be needed.

Welcome Home

As your brand new bear may have had a long journey to get to his new home we recommend gently massaging the stuffing back into shape if necessary, especially on the face.

A Child's Favourite

If a child has an absolute favourite bear that they love to bits it is useful to purchase a second one in case the first one is lost. We have had many parents contact us urgently when a child wont sleep without their favourite teddy.


Russ Bears with synthetic stuffing and safety eyes are generally very easy to clean and most of the bears are actually machine washable, which is extremely important if the bear is for a child. Of course if putting your bear in the washing machine please only do so on the most gentle cycle and expect that it may not come out exactly as it went in, a hand bath in luke warm water is the best option, for keeping the shape. Dry the bear in the sun and when dry you may want to brush the plush back into shape.


It can be difficult to stop dust collecting on your bear. Playing with your bears can help, although nothing is more effective at removing dust than a regular vacuum cleaning. Remove any clothes or accessories. Reduce the suction if possible and cover the end of the upholstery nozzle with a fine gauze or pantyhose. Gently vacuum over your entire bear.


To store your bear we recommend wrapping in cotton, a nice bear wrap can be made out of an old bed sheet. Wash the sheet and then rinse twice to remove any detergent residue. When dry cut the sheet to size and wrap your bear. Add cedar shavings or cloves to repel insects and store away from damp, dust and extremes in temperature. Calico bags, clean brown paper tied with string or if you have a limited edition bear with a box the original box with an acid free tissue paper are useful alternatives. Don’t store your bear in plastic as it will not allow your bear to breathe and will allow moisture to build up and encourage mould growth.

A Teddy Bears Direct Teddy will be a treasured friend for life, the most important suggestion we can make is to remember to just ENJOY.

Steve and Eve

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